"Dacey's work never fails to amaze."
               -San Francisco Review of Books



How I Escaped From the Labyrinth (Carnegie-Mellon U. Press, 1977)

The Boy Under the Bed (The Johns Hopkins U. Press, 1981)

Gerard Manley Hopkins Meets Walt Whitman in Heaven (Penmaen, 1982)

Strong Measures: Contemporary American Poetry in Traditional Forms (Harper & Row, 1985; co-edited with David Jauss)

The Man With Red Suspenders (Milkweed Editions, 1986)

Night Shift at the Crucifix Factory (U. of Iowa Press, 1991)

The Deathbed Playboy (Eastern Washington U. Press, 1999)

The Paramour of the Moving Air (Quarterly Rev. of Lit.,1999)

The Mystery of Max Schmitt: Poems on the Life and Work of Thomas Eakins
  (Turning Point Books, 2004) 

The New York Postcard Sonnets: A Midwesterner Moves to Manhattan (Rain Mountain Press,     2007)

Vertebrae Rosaries: 50 Sonnets (Red Dragonfly Press, 2009)

Mosquito Operas: New and Selected Short Poems (Rain Mountain Press, 2010)

Gimme Five (Blue Light Press, 2013)

Church of the Adagio (Rain Mountain Press, 2014)

Chapbooks (Selected)

Three Shades of Green: Poems of Fatherhood (Snark Publishing, 2006)

Mister Five-by-Five (Pudding House, 2005)

The Adventures of Alixa Doom and Other Love Poems (Snark Publishing, 2003)

What's Empty Weighs the Most: 24 Sonnets (Black Dirt Press, 1997)

The Condom Poems (Ox Head Press, 1979)

Vietnam : Postcard Sonnets (Lagniappe Press, 1997)



Poems by Dacey have appeared in the following collections:

River of Earth and Sky: Poems for the 21st Century (Blue Light Press, 2016), The Great Sympathetic: Walt Whitman and the North American Review (North American Review Press, 2015), Indivisible: Poems for Social Justice (Norwood House Press, 2013), When Last on the Mountain: The View From Writers Over 50 (Holy Cow! Press, 2011), Bigger Than They Appear: Anthology of Very Short Poems (Accents Publishing, 2011), Killer Verse: Poems of Murder and Mayhem (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets, 2011), The Pushcart Book of Poetry: The best poems from thirty years of The Pushcart Prize (Pushcart Press, 2006), Farming Words: The Harvest of Literature at a Prairie College (Southwest Minnesota State U., 2007), County Lines: 87 Minnesota Counties, 130 Minnesota Poets (Loonfeather Press, 2008), ; Lasting: Poetic Visions of Aging (Pima Press, 2005); The Poetry of Men's Lives: An International Anthology (U. of Georgia Press, 2004); 180 More: Extraordinary Poems for Every Day (Random House, 2005); Words Brushed by Music: Twenty-Five Years of the Johns Hopkins Poetry Series (Johns Hopkins U. Press, 2004), The Portable Poetry Workshop (ed., Jack Myers; Thomson/Wadsworth 2004), Poetry Daily: 366 Poems from the World's Most Popular Website (Sourcebooks, 2003); Strongly Spent: 50 Years of Shenandoah Poetry (Washington & Lee U., Lexington Virginia, 2003); Sweet Jesus: Poems About the Ultimate Icon (The Anthology Press, Los Angeles, 2004); Visiting Walt: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Walt Whitman (U. of Iowa, 2003);  Men of Our Time: Male Poetry in Contemporary America (Georgia, 1991), Touched by Eros (Live Poets Society, 2002), Stand Up Poetry: An Expanded Anthology (U. of Iowa Press, 2002); Line Drives: 100 Contemporary Baseball Poems (Southern Illinois University Press, 2002); A Fine Excess: 50 Years of the Beloit Poetry Journal (Fall/Winter 1999-2000 issue, Beloit Poetry Journal), Northern Music: Poems About and Inspired by Glenn Gould (John Gordon Burke Publisher, Inc., 2001), 33 Minnesota Poets (Nodin Press, 2000); The Book of Irish American Poetry from the Eighteenth Century to the Present (Daniel Tobin, ed.; U. of Notre Dame Press, forthcoming 2006); Visiting Emily: A Gathering of Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Emily Dickinson (U. of Iowa, 2000); Getting It On: A Condom Reader (Soho Press, 1999), The Party Train: An Anthology of North American Prose Poetry (New Rivers, 1995), After the Storm: Poems on the Persian Gulf War (Maisonneuve, 1992), Hummers, Knucklers, and Slow Curves: Contemporary Baseball Poems (U. of Ill., 1991), A New Geography of Poets (U. of Arkansas, 1992), Walt Whitman: The Measure of His Song (Holy Cow!, 1981), American Poetry Anthology (Avon, 1975), Heartland II (N. IIl. U. Press, 1975), The Sensuous President (New Rivers, 1972), A Geography of Poets (Bantam, 1979), Shaping: New Poems in Traditional Prosodies (Dryad, 1978), 25 Minnesota Poets #2 (Nodin, 1977), Best Poems of 1973: Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards (Pacific Books), and many more.



Poems by Dacey have appeared in the following periodicals:

Esquire, Poetry (Chicago), The Nation, The American Scholar, Hudson Review, Beltway Poetry Quarterly , Paris Review, Partisan Review, American Review, American Poetry Review, Massachusetts Review, Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry and Prose, Poetry Northwest, Southern Review, Gumball Poetry , New England Review, Cortland Review ; North American Review, Carleton Miscellany, Thought: A Review of Culture and Idea, Victorian Poetry, Del Sol Review , Counter/Measures, The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Wallace Stevens Journal, Beloit Poetry Journal, English Journal, College English, Shenandoah, Prairie Schooner, Sidewalks , Schuylkill Valley Journal, Notre Dame Review, Eleventh Muse , Mississippi Review, Enskyment , Southern Humanities Review, Georgia Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Birmingham Poetry Review, New Orleans Review, The Journal (Ohio), Yankee, Poetry East, New Letters, Literary Review, Quarterly West, Chelsea, Minnesota Monthly, Poetry Midwest, Tar River Poetry, Texas Review, Slant, Seneca Review, Prose Poem: An International Journal, Great River Review, Tampa Review, Washington Square, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Nightsun, Zone 3, The Formalist, One Trick Pony, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Ekphrasis, Poetry International, Poet Lore, Laurel Review, Pemmican, The Ledge, Denver Quarterly, Umbrella, New York Quarterly, Midwest Quarterly, Kansas Quarterly, Carolina Quarterly, Colorado Quarterly, Mickle Street Review, California Quarterly, Briar Cliff Review, Amoskeag, Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, and many more.



Following is a sampling of essays and reviews by Dacey as well as interviews both of him and conducted by him with other writers: 

"Making Moves in Loosestrife," from The Room and the World: Essays on the Poet Stephen Dunn, ed. Laura McCullough (Syracuse U. Press. 2013).

Interview with Dacey conducted by g emil reutter at  Fox Chase Review (online), Jan. 2014.

"Karla Huston Interviews Philip Dacey," Verse Wisconsin, March 2011.

An article on the sale of Thomas Eakins’ “Gross Clinic” and a review of Amy Werbel’s Thomas Eakins: Art, Medicine, and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century America were commissioned by Clinical Anatomy, the official journal of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists and various international equivalents.  “The Selling of Thomas Eakins” appears in Vol. 20, Number 5, 2007; the review, "Gorgeous Gravitas," appears in Vol. 20, Number 6, 2007.

"For Sale: A Million Pieces of Fudge" (essay on James Frey controversty), Minnesota Literature Newsletter (February, 2006).

"The Art of Louis McKee," essay in Schuylkill Valley Journal, Spring, 2007.

"My Frederick Manfred Story," Great River Review, Spring/Summer 2007.

"The School of Ted," essay on Ted Kooser for special issue of Midwest Quarterly, 2005.

Letter to a Young Poet, Midwest Quarterly, Summer 2003.

Interview with Philip Dacey, conducted by Ed Folsom, Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, Summer 2001.

"This Book Is Made of Turkey Soup and Star Music" (review of Robert Bly), Parnassus : Poetry in Review, Fall/Winter, 1978.  Reprinted in Poetry Criticism, Volume 39 (The Gale Group, 2002).

Interview of Stephen Dunn, Cortland Review (online), March 2000. Reprinted in American Writers, Supplement 11 (The Gale Group), hard cover text edition and GaleNet.

"Loving Limits: Teaching the Use of Traditional Poetic Forms in the Classroom," Freedom and Form: Essays in Contemporary American Poetry, ed. Giger and Salska (University of Lodz, 1998).  

"'The Bastard's a Factory': One Writer's Sustaining Articles of Faith," North Dakota Review, Summer 1997.

"I Heard You Solemn-Sweet Pipes of the Organ," "Me Imperturbe," and "To the States," entries in The Walt Whitman Encyclopedia (Garland Publishing, 1997).

"Philip Dacey, 1939-" (autobiography), Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series (Gale Research, 1993).

"Review of Poems 1934-1969 " reprinted in Meaningful Differences: The Work of David Ignatow (U. of Alabama Press, 1993), ed. Terris.

"Not a Television Set: A Celebration of Robert Bly" (essay), in Walking Swiftly: Writings & Images on the Occasion of Robert Bly's 65th Birthday (Ally Press, St. Paul, 1992; HarperPerennial, 1993).

"Ted Berrigan at Iowa," Seems Like Old Times, Iowa City, 1986 (reunion anthology of reminiscences)

"Saint Robert" (review of Bly), American Book Review, Nov.-Dec., 1986

"Challenging Chronos: The Sports Poetry of David Allan Evans" (article), Arete: The Journal of Sport Literature, Fall, 1987

"The Reverend Robert E. Bly, Pastor, Church of the Blessed Unity: A Look at 'A Man Writes to a Part of Himself'" (article),  A Book of Rereadings, ed. Greg Kuzma, Best Cellar Press, 1979

"In Praise of Nonsense" (essay), Milkweed Chronicle, Fall, 1982

"Donald Hall, Poetry, Ambition, and the Glorious" (essay), Milkweed Chronicle, Spring-Summer, 1986

"David Wagoner: An Interview," American Poetry Observed, ed. Joe David Bellamy, University of Illinois, 1984

"An Interview with Richard Wilbur," Conversations with Richard Wilbur, ed. William Butts (The University Press of Mississippi, 1990)

"Interview with Charles Simic," originally published in Crazy Horse, reprinted in The Uncertain Certainty (University of Michigan Press, 1985).



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